Having a clear out? Have some interesting vintage items or costume pieces in need of a new home? The collection grows and evolves through generous donations and many of our favourite and most useful items have come to us in this way. We often find that people bring items to us when taking them to a charity shop just doesn't feel like quite the right place for them to end up.

We are looking for donations of specific types of items to expand on weaker areas of our current collection.

Larger sizes are very important as much of what we have originated from youth theatre and school. Items in good condition or better condition than what we have are always appreciated and there are some sections that we would love to expand.

What we are looking for:

  • Larger sizes
  • Vintage items in good condition
  • Good quality period reproductions
  • Menswear

We are unfortunatley unable to buy any items and the Wardrobe cannot store costumes on behalf of anyone else.

We cannot guarantee that the items you donate to us will become part of the Wardrobe collection as we have limited space. If any items are not right for us we either sell items to raise funds that are put towards the running costs, donate the items to other groups or schools or if we find a pest infestation we may have to destroy an item.

How to donate costumes to us:

  • Contact us first to discuss what you want to give us. We can be contacted on 01483 721697 during our opening hours or at sa.wardrobe@surreycc.gov.uk
  • Arrange a day and time to bring the items to us.
  • Fill in a donation from giving a brief description of what you are giving us, some information about where it has come from and sign the agreement to say that you are giving us the items.


Some items that have been donated to The Wardrobe.