The Wardrobe started as a community resource in the late 1970's or early 1980's. At this time the Surrey Youth Theatre realised they had a lot of costumes they weren’t using. The person who set it up knew that storage of costumes was a big issue for many schools and amateur dramatics groups so some space was found and other groups got involved to house their costumes alongside the Youth Theatre's stock. These groups could hire their own costumes back for free and other's at a small fee to cover running costs.
Unfortunately, this way of working was unsustainable. The agreements with those who stored costumes with the Wardrobe were re-negotiated in 2010. All of the costumes in the Wardrobe now belong to Surrey County Council.

In it's time the Wardrobe has had several homes around Woking. Its longest residence to date was in the grounds of Westfield School in Old Woking where many of you still know us from. When the school needed to expand the entire Surrey Arts department including the Wardrobe was required to find a new home which brings us to where you can find us today at The Pines.

The big move took place between May and September 2013 and was quite a full on operation. While the space at The Pines feels much bigger, in reality is a bit smaller than the space we had at Westfield. Everything is now in one room and you can see just how much we have. It might be more compact but it is a much better layout, easier to keep clean and infinitely easier to access!


Here's how different The Pines looked before we piled the collection in!!