On Sunday the 29th of October, as part of the worlds biggest drawing festival, Surrey Arts Wardrobe is bringing you a free event filled with exciting creative opportunities in and around our costume collection!

Artists of all ages and abilities are invited to join us for an afternoon of activities ranging from costumd still life drawing to photo embroidery or simply come long pick a corner of this fantastic space to draw whatever you wish. See below for more details of activities available on the day.

The event wil run from 12pm to 4pm in The Wardrobe:

14 The Pines, Broad Street,
Guildford, GU3 3BH.

Contact us with any queries you may have about the day.



Fingerprint portraits

Start the afternoon right by signing in with a fingerprint portrait. Everyone who comes through the door will be encouraged to make a mark on a big group art work, turning your fingerprints into tiny fun self-portraits as a record of everyone who took part. 


Photo embroidery

All afternoon.
Materials provided.

A different take on this years Living Lines theme, add movement and colour to black and white photographs by embroidering simple lines and shapes directly over the top, such as seen on these beautiful examples by artist Jose Romussi.


Spinning disc illusion

All afternoon.
Materials provided.

Otherwise known as a thaumatrope, this illusion tricks your eye into seeing something that's not really there. Much like the traditional bird and cage example below, with the help of our templates draw a figure on one side of the disc and an outfit on the other and then spin! Your brain will think it's seeing a person in your beautiful creation. 



Fashion designing

All day.
Materials provided.

Use basic fashion figure templates to create your own costumes, or design your own outfits inspired by our many costume books.

Costumed life drawing

Periodically, throughout the day.
Materials provided.

We will be providing costumed volunteers for you to sit and draw for a slightly different take on life drawing. There will be a mix of costume styles, time periods and long and short poses to keep the day varied!

...or draw anything you wish!

The Wardrobe is a wonderful and unique space that can provde some unique view points and angles.

Although there will be all of the exciting activities scheduled above, you are also welcome to come along, find a corner and draw to your hearts content!