The Wardrobe houses over 7500 items of hanging stock on rails and something close 20,000 items of clothing and accessories in boxes that can be combined in an endless number of ways to create your outfit. End to end, our hanging rails would reach taller than the London Eye!

Everything is categorised by garment type or, in some places, time period. Ranging from shirts, trousers and coats to more specific sections such as Victorian dresses or panto villains. The majority of our items are one-off pieces, meaning that we have no off the peg outfits or whole show sets and that the final look achieved by our wardrobe assistants will be individual to you. What better way to make sure no one has the same costume as you at a party?

There is a lot of original 20th century daywear in the collection, and some excellent vintage originals from the 1940's right up to more modern styles. We also have range of reproduction garments for period shows and pantomimes.

The collection does tend to be slightly biased towards smaller sizes. This is due to the way in which the collection has evolved from youth theatre costume stock and donations. Although one of our strongest areas, genuine vintage clothing was made in a time where people were a lot slighter in build than we are today! With that said, we can usually find something for most people as long as you are open to a little creativity so please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss your requirements.  

Maintaining the items in the collection is a never ending task and often comes down to time donated by our volunteers. We do try to keep items in reasonable condition but all items are taken as seen and the condition is taken into account when calculating the final cost. If your appointment is in advance of the day you need the costumes we are more likely to be able to carry out repairs if necessary.