So you're interested in our costumes! Great! What next?
To book your appointment please call us on 01483 721697 and have a read through the guidelines below for how to get the most out of The Wardrobe.

Note; this section is about hiring one or two costumes or small group hires but we can also provide for large hires and productions.


Appointment length - Generally we recommend allowing one hour for a single person appointment, allowing enough time for our staff to work with you to create your costume from the items in the collection. This is a creative and collaborative process that often takes longer than you'd expect and we need enough time to type up your documents at the end. For two people we book up to an hour and a half depending on the costume requirements.
You do not need to book an appointment if you have already been in and your costumes are on reserve. However, if you have forgotten something that you would like to add please call and book a half hour slot for the day you are collecting.

Prices start at £25 - We calculate the cost per item and also require a security deposit. Our Prices and Payments page has all the information on the deposits and ways to pay.

Maximum 2 people per appointment - Our ideal number of people, given space and fitting room restrictions, is two at a time. Occasionally, depending on circumstances, we can extend this number to three but please discuss this with us when you call to make your appointment.

Have a clear starting point - Whether it's a costume for a murder mystery evening, the Goodwood Revival or a Great Gatsby new years bash, make sure you know where you want to begin. People who bring a few ideas and an open mind get the best results from the collection. We can’t promise to be able to give you an exact copy of an outfit you have seen but using an image gives us a great place to start. There are lots of items in The Wardrobe and it can be very overwhelming if you don’t have an idea where to start looking. Our Pinterest page is a great place to browse inspiration before you get here.

Be open to ideas - Our staff are creative and very knowledegable. Often we have to find different ways around the collection to achieve the look you are going for, and lots of items have more than one use. For example: 80's bridesmaid dresses make excellent Victorian ball gown stand ins!

Arrive on time - We aim to provide the best service and experience for all of our customers. By arriving on time for your appointment you will help us to achieve this.