Appointments for larger amounts of costumes and full shows are structured slightly different to our private hire appointments. They are made slightly easier if you are part of our membership scheme, but you by no means have to be in order to hire from us.

To book your appointment please call us on 01483 721697 and have a read through the guidelines below for how to get the most out of your time.

Appointment length - For large scale hires we allow between an hour and a half and two hours in which our knowledgeable, creative and experienced staff will work with you to pick out the items for your show/event and ensure enough time to fill in the paperwork. The time we allot to you will depend on the number of items needed. Those who are part of our membership scheme do not need to wait for us to type up the hire during the appointment if the items are going on reserve for later pick up (which is recommended!), but non-members will be required to wait while we calculate the cost of your hire and deposit.

Come prepared - In some cases it can be beneficial to book a shorter prep appointment to research our stock and see if we have what you need. These appointments need only be around half an hour long and are a good opportunity to ask any questions or photograph items from the collection to check against the requirements and opinions of others.

Lists are key! - Lists! Lists of characters, lists of measurements (in cm or inches, not modern dress sizes), lists of the accessories and props you need. Lists are the answer to making sure we can source your costumes quickly and efficiently. Time can be quite tight when The Wardrobe is at it's busiest so ensuring you are as prepared as possible will help your appointment run nice and smoothly.

'Too many cooks' - Similarly to the private hire appointments, we must limit the number of people we have in The Wardrobe. Having too many people contributing to the discussion also slows down progress and decision making so can be less helpful than it would seem. For these reasons we must stipulate that no more than two people come along in any one appointment - the borrow week provided with Wardrobe membership is the perfect time for group critiques instead.

Fittings - The restrictions to numbers also extend to being unable to have you bring your cast or students into the Wardrobe for fittings. The membership scheme can provide you with a free "borrow week" in which to do these fittings. Find out more about the benefits of being a member.

Arrive on time - We aim to provide the best service and experience for all of our customers. By arriving on time for your appointment you will help us to achieve this.

Designers and industry professionals - Some designers like to pull their costumes with minimal assistance from us. We are very happy for experienced professionals to do this. However, we don’t recommend it for a first visit or for non-professionals as it may take you a lot longer than is necessary to find the costumes you need or you may miss out on some great items that are stored in other areas of the Wardrobe. If you would like to work without our assistance please discuss this with us when you book an appointment as there is limited space and we may need to serve other customers or work in the areas where you are working. It is easier to plan for this in advance than find we are all trying to occupy the same space and use the same ladders at the same time.