Prices and payment

  • The cost of your hire will depend on the items you choose and how long you hire them for. This makes it tricky to provide estimates before the end of your appointment when we type up the documents, but you can download our at-a-glace price guide for a rough idea of what to expect.
    (Alternatively, you can download our full price list for a breakdown of the different price brackets for each item type.)

  • Prices start at £25 for a seven day period and all hire fees are inclusive of VAT and cleaning costs - (excellent news, we do all the cleaning for you too!). Additional weeks are available and are charged at 25% of the cost of first week.

  • Payment can be made by card, cash or cheque.
    Cheques must be made payable to Surrey County Council.

  • We require a security deposit which we hold for the duration of your hire and will be returned to you when the costumes are returned. See below for more details on deposits.

  • Both the hire fee and deposit need to be paid before any items leave the Wardrobe unless you are members. Hire fees are non-refundable even if you don't use your costume.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you stay for a full appointment you may be liable for the minimum spend of £25.00 to cover the cost of the appointment even if you do not hire anything.


We require a security deposit unless you are part of our membership scheme. The amount required depends on the total cost of your hire, as indicated in the table below and will be held for the duration of your hire.
Late returns, loss of or damage to items will result in a deduction from your deposit total.


Hire fee

Deposit Price

Up to £50


£50 to £100


£100 to £250


£250 to £500


Over £500



Please note: When paying for your deposit by card the full amount will be deducted from your account. Deposits paid on card must be returned to the same card.

Any cash deposits uncollected for six months will be banked and unreturable to you.


We try and deal with any issues, late returns, damages and lost items in a fair manner. We will not automatically keep your full deposit but will deduct what we consider to be a fair reflection of the cost to the Wardrobe.

For those with Wardrobe membership we will inform you of any post hire fees before invoicing for these amounts. We are happy to discuss these with you and explain why any additional charges have been incurred.